What’s your worth?

I know you love GOD….
I know you have given yourself as a vessel in the house of GOD….
I know you can carry so much responsibilities in the Kingdom….
But, Are you profitable in the hands of GOD? …
Are you humble to be used in HIS WAY and at HIS time not yours?…

2 Timothy 2:20 But in a great house there are not only vessels of gold and of silver, but also of wood and of earth; and some to honour, and some to dishonour.

I know you’re a vessel that has the capacity to change lives….
Sadly, no responsibility would be given to you if you lack a good character. ..

Yes! Are you a vessel that is dedicated to honour GOD or to despise HIM?

Can GOD pick you out at any second to represent HIM in any location?

The same way, you can have so many cups at home, but you know the one you can showcase when you have visitors around…

Can GOD present you as a Son to the WORLD with confidence that you wouldn’t be an embarrassment to HIM?

You see… It’s not enough to be a vessel…
Are you truly profitable in the hands of GOD?

Can you surrender your present glory to be moulded into HIS taste?

Only those who are ready to live for GOD and for GOD alone, will be allowed to function fully in the courts of our GOD.

Which kind of vessel are you?


Author: victoroluwasola

A young man inspired by the HOLY SPIRIT to reveal pointers of the last moments to the WORLD, and to sensitize the world on the imminent signs of the end of the world.

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