Happy 8th Anniversary KOINONIA!!!

KOINONIA is weekly apostolic, prophetic, and evangelistic meeting where passionate believers from all over Zaria and parts of Nigeria come to experience an atmosphere of TRUE WORSHIP, the WORD, MIRACLES, and LOVE…where believers experience true intimacy with the Holy Spirit and are empowered to be ambassadors of God’s life and power. It is a convergence of an end-time army of Spirit filled, Kingdom-minded, thoroughly trained believers with a passion to see God’s kingdom come and become agents of National Transformation-taking the value system of the Kingdom to every strata and sector of human existence. The meeting is organized by Eternity Network International (E.N.I), an apostolic ministry committed to replicating the fullness of God’s life on earth.

We celebrate the set man- Apostle Joshua Selman for his great and indelible sacrifice and Investments in this Great Work that has impacted Millions upon Millions all over the world.

We celebrate you sir.

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Years ago my music-minister (Adam Mtsweni) and I were shopping for a new keyboard. It was at noon that we entered a big music-shop in Johannesburg/South Africa. There was a salesman, but he took no notice of us and Adam and I tried out all the keyboards. Suddenly the salesman appeared. He seemed to be in a different mood, something like in a state of shock and said to me “Sir, I can see Jesus in your eyes!” What? The Holy Spirit had entered that shop. We forgot all about the keyboard and had a revival instead. But when I was walking back to my car I kept saying “Lord, I will never understand. How can a total stranger walk up to me and say ‘Sir, I can see Jesus in your eyes!’ Suddenly the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said “No problem! Jesus lives in your heart and sometimes HE LIKES TO LOOK OUT OF YOUR WINDOWS.” I laughed and cried. What glorious truth. I got the point! Years later I met the wife of the salesman who told me, that her husband had followed Jesus for the rest of his life – and went to be with the Lord. I trust that this little testimony blesses you.



Your freedom to work and talk is a right in your country.
Everyone knows it is. But, an hoodlum or militant can stop you from doing it irregardless of the fact that it’s your right.
You can shout and even read the constitution to a theif, telling him that ARMED ROBBERY is against the law. You would get slapped or even shot if you can’t defend yourself at that moment.
But, if a soldier or a policeman is there. He can enforce that LAW, and makes sure it stands.
Unfortunately, this is what happens to many Christians today.
When the devil challneges us, we boast of what we know in Christ and keep decreeing the law of the kingdom.
We keep talking about our rights. We are sons of GOD. We are heirs of promise. We keep talking of things that are meant to happen.
Don’t we know that the devil is also meant to attack us. Is that not why he is Satan.
We forget the fact that the devil is a law breaker and a thief.
No matter how right we are, we still need Authority and Power to enforce what should be.
Very good… We have received the HOLY SPIRIT, we have the power residing in us. But, most importantly, many of us haven’t ascended in Authority.
So, the devil challenges us and disgraces us despite the deep revelations we have about GOD.
What can GOD Do? He told us to keep feeding ourselves with his WORD and invest in prayers and seek more understanding of HIS WORD so we can rise in authority.
Yet, we refused by obeying half. We sought and hungered for deep revelations of the WORD OF GOD so we could blow the minds of people.
Now, we cry when we are attacked and despite what we know, we are still defeated.
Brothers… Sisters… Man of GOD and woman of GOD.
Stop deceiving yourself, thinking that, because you can explain the pre-adamite era and you can bring me into the revelation of speaking in tongues, you would survive the attack of the Kingdom of Darkness when the devil’s ready for you.
I know it may be shameful. But, you and your kingdom friends prayed when her family was attacked spiritually.
You fasted when his father was on the sick bed. You spoke in tongues for hours when her business was about to crash.
Nothing significant happened, and you assumed it was meant to be so.
GOD is not a Pastor, neither is he a powerful Angel.
It is us that has reduced him to this.
We have not ascended in Authority.
The only way the devil can permanently stay on the defeated side is when you can back up your WORDS with POWER.




Why are you even reading the Bible?

Why do you even read the Bible?
Is it because you want to become great in life or because your LOVE for GOD forces you to?

When do you read the Bible?
Is it when you are forced to, or cajoled by Men to Read or because of your desperacy to know this JESUS that died for You?

When you read the Bible?
What are you searching for?
A WORD that would build you up or a WORD that would be ready so you can drop rhema whenever you’re called.

There is 1 certain way to lnow the JESUS I serve.


Don’t run away from it.

Grab it and LIVE in it.

The Secret Behind the Fulfilment of Your Destiny lies in it.


10 things about the presence of GOD you may not know

1. The PRESENCE OF GOD does not increase in meetings, It is your awareness of it that Increases.

2. The Presence of GOD is not the goose bumps you feel, that’s your sensory perception trying to adjust to an atmosphere.

3. The Atmosphere of the Presence of GOD is not dependent on the melodious accompaniment of Musical Instruments with your Voice, but on the Authority of the TRUTH that “Where Two or More are Gathered, He is there”

4. The Presence of GOD does not leave a man because he SINNED. He said “I will never leave you nor forsake you”

5. The Presence of GOD is an accurate way to confirm the health of a man’s Secret Place.

6. The Presence of GOD is not the same thing as the Power of GOD.

7. Men who spend quality time in the Presence of GOD change their World.

8. The Presence of GOD births signs and wonders.

9. The Presence of GOD is the reason behind the Breaking of the Hearts of hardened Men.

10. The Glory of the Presence of GOD is the fragrance of the HOLY SPIRIT

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You are too small to Sponsor the Kingdom by Pastor Oyedepo

In this Video, Pastor.Oyedepo highlighted the reasons why no amount is sufficient to sponsor the Kingdom.

No matter how rich you are,

It’s a privilege to give to the work of the Kingdom…

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What’s the health of your relationship with the HOLY GHOST!


You don’t have to sin before you lose intimacy with the HOLY GHOST…
The same way you don’t have to cheat on your lady or guy before you lose intimacy with him/her….
All you have to do is to stop talking to her for some time, stop thinking about her, stop talking about her, and stop caring about her…
All other things would fall in place….

YES!!! That is exactly what we are doing….

Your job has successfully prevented you from talking one on one with your LOVER…

Your books have driven you away from your secret place….

Your contract has retracted you from TRUE FELLOWSHIP….

Now that you have 10 branches of your church, there is nothing called RETREAT again….

Ohhh…. You’ve raised the dead now, You can’t roll in dust in praise to your GOD…

Is it because you are still alive, you are beginning to think your weekly fasting is what has made you find Favour…

It’s time for us to LOVE the HOLY SPIRIT like never before… Dance with HIM… Talk about HIM, Spend time with HIM, Read about HIM and LIVE for HIM….

Don’t abandon your TRUE LOVER…..


Did you know the Red Sea didn’t divide Immediately?

Did you know?

When Moses striked the Red Sea, It didn’t dry up immediately. But, it took a whole night before it dried up….. It wasn’t magic, it had to take time…

Exodus 14:19 And the angel of God, which went before the camp of Israel, removed and went behind them; and the pillar of the cloud went from before their face, and stood behind them:
14:20 And it came between the camp of the Egyptians and the camp of Israel; and it was a cloud and darkness to them, but it gave light by night to these: so that the one came not near the other all the night.

14:21 And Moses stretched out his hand over the sea; and the LORD caused the sea to go back by a strong east wind *all that night*, and made the sea dry land, and the waters were divided.

14:22 And the children of Israel went into the midst of the sea upon the dry ground: and the waters were a wall unto them on their right hand, and on their left.

Don’t be hasty o see manifestations of the WORD OF GOD. The fact that it doesn’t happen immediately doesn’t mean it won’t happen. Ask the Fig Tree.



The reason why GOD has been receiving so much LOVE from billions of people for millenniums now, was because HE showed LOVE first.
And we have deemed it fit to try our best to reciprocate HIS LOVE.

In LIFE, we may never receive LOVE from so many people till we LOVE them first…

Many atimes, being beautiful doesn’t make people LOVE you, in fact it attracts more of lust that you could possibly imagine…

Proverbs 18:24 A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.

Very Simple!

Ignorance of this TRUTH has made many people lonely and neglected…

They act so much, they dress so much, they speak so fluently… But they’ve never understood the concept of ‘sticking closer than a brother’

It is something you earn…
So, it is not good enough to keep complaining, that no one LOVES you, or people hate seeing with you, or you feel so neglected…

Come out of that box of ideologies and renew your mind…

SHOW yourself friendly… And FRIENDS would come running after you.


When Dependency Means Everything

The ability to cherish the presence of GOD more than anything in life is the shield against any disappointment in life.

Exodus 33:15 And he said unto him, If thy presence go not with me, carry us not up hence.

Many believers today have not seen the reason why they are useless without the HOLY SPIRIT.
Why? They’ve not cared to walk in the supernatural.

The only reason why you would think you can live a day without communicating with your Father, is because you’ve not understood the life-source of your secret place..

Moses, couldn’t dare lead the Children of Israel till HE was sure the Presence of GOD was going to accompany them àll.

Without me ye can do nothing- John 15:5

It didn’t say you can do ‘much’ but ‘Nothing’…

No branch bears fruits of itself except it’s connected to the Vine.

The problem is that most times, we think we are bearing Fruits but it was mere leaves we were bearing all the while…

Ask for GRACE to Be glued to the Presence of GOD such that you wouldn’t think of making a step without a confirmation of HIS Presence.