Years ago my music-minister (Adam Mtsweni) and I were shopping for a new keyboard. It was at noon that we entered a big music-shop in Johannesburg/South Africa. There was a salesman, but he took no notice of us and Adam and I tried out all the keyboards. Suddenly the salesman appeared. He seemed to be in a different mood, something like in a state of shock and said to me “Sir, I can see Jesus in your eyes!” What? The Holy Spirit had entered that shop. We forgot all about the keyboard and had a revival instead. But when I was walking back to my car I kept saying “Lord, I will never understand. How can a total stranger walk up to me and say ‘Sir, I can see Jesus in your eyes!’ Suddenly the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said “No problem! Jesus lives in your heart and sometimes HE LIKES TO LOOK OUT OF YOUR WINDOWS.” I laughed and cried. What glorious truth. I got the point! Years later I met the wife of the salesman who told me, that her husband had followed Jesus for the rest of his life – and went to be with the Lord. I trust that this little testimony blesses you.



There is something, I see as I fulfilling the Mandate of GOD on this Earth.
You see… I don’t just want to pull down strongholds of darkness, I want to do it without Stress…
I don’t want to come out of my CAVE and still beg for bread.
I don’t want to wield so much Power but yet, I and the host of darkness know that there’s a level of wickedness I can’t defeat …..
I don’t want to be known all over the world based on a GRACE that I carry.. Yet, there’s this kind of situation inflicted by the devil that I can’t handle.. that I have no choice but to yield to natural solutions.
I don’t want to miss out of any thing that the Power of GOD can solve in a Minute just because I didn’t press enough.
I don’t want people to Respect me so much… yet my spirit knows that I’m stagnant.
I don’t want to carry GOD and get to a point in my Spiritual Walk where I can’t move forward in my Spiritual Pursuit because of a part of my LIFE that I couldn’t sacrifice.
I don’t want to worship a GOD whose FIRE uproots mountains and leaves them without trace of existence, but yet demons would still work in the buildings that surround me.
I don’t ever want to Sing or Pray and the Earth wouldn’t shift.
I don’t want to get to a Point where I begin to ignore GOD’S VOICE because millions already heed mine.
I don’t want to be Famous and yet, the GOD I carry only heals 26 people at a Time.





In the previous episode we have explored the mystery Of your garden and we have explained how to locate your purpose.

Don’t ever marry someone who is not interested in your calling or passion, I can assure you of frustration in that relationship if you go ahead.

After you have considered purpose and garden, the most important factor to consider is the voice of God

What is God saying?
Don’t go on a journey until you hear from God.

Some sisters go to a pastor with list of brothers, saying please help me pray over them to know which one is my husband, that is not correct at all.
Hear me, you are to hear God for your self, what the pastor should do for you is confirmation of what God has told you.

The pastor will not live in that marriage with you, you must know this, every relationship has it’s own challenges but when this challenges happen, it is the word of God you heard that will keep you through that period.

The voice of God is not scarce, we are the one that is dull in hearing.

Every correct child knows the voice of His/Her father but if you don’t know the voice of God then we need to work on that.

Some will say pastor, I have prayed and I didn’t hear anything.
Hear me, if you have not been hearing God for anything In your life, don’t expect to hear all of a sudden about marriage. God is not a magician.
He is talking to you everyday but you need to hear.

He speaks concerning even the smallest things you could ever imagine such as even when to go out, where to go, where to pass, when to eat, what course to study. He is a speaking God, He is not deaf and dumb.

Pastor How do I know His Voice?

Until you are familiar with His WORD you can never be KNOW HIS VOICE.
The Voice of His Word is His Voice
Get familiar with the WORD, then you will know His VOICE.

Pastor, How do I distinguish between my mind and His Voice?
Get familiar with His Word, to know His Word is to Know His VOICE

Until you have obeyed the instructions in the WORD, don’t expect HIM TO GIVE YOU A SPECIFIC INSTRUCTION.

A lady who doesn’t study her bible should not expect a direction concerning marriage, except you want deceit.

Pastor what about dreams, Maybe I dreamt that I was fetching water and he came to help me? Ahahahhahahaha

Don’t be a joker
How many times have God directed you via dreams? did you have that dream when you were looking for admission, did you have it before you applied for a job or got the job, why is the dream now coming because of marriage.
If God doesn’t lead you via dreams on a regular basis, don’t believe any dream concerning marriage.*

Dreams can be deceitful, devil also give dreams and your mind and desires and create dreams.

God lead via dreams but if that is not the way God leads you on a normal basis don’t ever follow a dream to get married.

I have had such dreams that I married several ladies ahahhahaha thank God I didn’t follow them, maybe I would have ten wives now.

You must know the way God talks to you and lead you, discover it and master it.

I will continue in Part 4
I see a burning Generation


In the part one of this edition, we have been able to deal with the concept of your garden, knowing your garden.
Your garden means your purpose, your assignment, the reason why you were created, the reason for your existence.

Someone will say pastor, How do I discover my purpose?

Take this example, a knife can be used to kill, but the original purpose is to cut ( meat, bread and so on), now the fact that a knife can kill doesn’t mean it’s purpose is to kill.

How do you now know the purpose of a knife?

You know this by asking the manufacturer or study the manual of the manufacturer.

The way to discover purpose is to ask the manufacturer.
The manufacturer knows the product more than anybody.

Ask God who created you, No body can tell you who you are, Only Him who created you can. He created you, He knows you.

“I knew you before I formed you in your mother’s womb. Before you were born I set you apart and appointed you as my prophet to the nations.”
Jeremiah 1:5 NLT

Secondly, The manual will reveal that knife is for cutting.

All believers have the manual of our maker, The manual is the BIBLE


To discover purpose, you need to study the manual of your manufacturer

psalm 40: 7 Then I said, “Look, I have come. As is written about me in the Scriptures:
Psalms 40:7 NLT

The more you study the word, the more of yourself you discover.

Also, When God created you, He Said let us make man in our own image, After our likeness, I.e let them have abilities to do the things we can do, let them have the capacity to think, ,discover, process, produce etc.

He gave you His Spirit to guide you when He breathe into your nostrils the breathe of Life,

He gave you a mind(Soul) to feel, think, have emotions, He gave you Brain to process.
All these are gifts from Him

He implanted passion Into you, He gave you desire, He gave you interest.

So how do you discover purpose with these gifts?

Your passion and interests are a pointer to your purpose.

The things you are naturally attracted to are pointers to your purpose.

Your purpose is the end to which your start a journey.

It is the reason for your living.

What you hate is a pointer to what you are created to solve

The problem you are created to solve is the reason why you are created.

Every purpose or assignment is a people oriented agenda.

So you can discover your purpose via your passion and hates.

Some of us are called to solve spiritual problems, some financial, some medical some, heart and excitement related.

Not everyone will be a pastor or be in ministry, some are called into medicine, some education.

Every human being has a primary purpose and a secondary purpose

The primary purpose is to Glorify God on earth
The Secondary purpose is the reason why you are here.

Ensure you discover your purpose (garden before you look for marriage, Purpose comes before marriage. Because you are supposed to fulfill purpose via marriage.

Marriage is more than intimacy, it is your destiny.

I hope this helps someone

I will continue Part 3 later

I see a burning generation


In October 1998, I listened as Pastor (Mrs) Faith Oyedepo taught in Bible School. She had just resolved an issue between a couple. The husband wanted his wife to be as submissive to him as ‘Mama Faith Oyedepo’ while the wife also demanded that her husband love her like ‘Papa’ (Bishop Oyedepo). The husband responded that Papa was ‘too spiritual’ to be dealing with mundane things like expressing love, he insisted that Bishop Oyedepo could not possibly be saying ‘I love you’ to his wife. The matter came up and Pastor Faith Oyedepo looked at the man and said ‘Why will he not tell me he loves me? He says that everyday’. The husband was literally shocked. He told his wife that he loved her and the matter was settled. As funny as this may seem, this story shows the impression built over the years about Mummy Faith Oyedepo’s dogged followership of her husband since she decided to follow him over 40 years ago. Hindsight they say is 100 per cent but the discerning mind will find this very instructive.

One day while about to embark on a journey at the park, Florence Abiola Akano, then an 18 year old Economics student of the University of Ife (Obafemi Awolowo University-OAU) met 22 year old David Oyedepo, an Architecture student at the Kwara Polytechnic. The moment he saw her he would later say, God told him she was his wife. She listened to him and they kept in touch and a short while later, they began a serious relationship. My Dad attended OAU while my mother attended a Polytechnic. From that time till now, university students and the larger society see polytechnic students as second best. I also attended Polytechnic and I remember my Dad say to me once while in the Yaba College of Technology ‘What are you doing about gaining admission’? As if I was still in secondary school. Florence Akano could have ignored him that day but she did not. Once they started dating, ‘David O’ took her to a church in Kwara and brought a paper out and began to write ‘plenty grammar’. He read it to her and asked her to read herself. He did not take her in a car, he did not even have a motorcycle but he needed to give her some assurance. They walked in and sat at the back. This is the ASSURANCE he gave her as scribbled in the note:


‘Where, I do not know!
When, I cannot say!
Why, is not my business and How, must not concern me, but it is mine to accept from Him the sealed orders containing His blueprint for my life, and to open and read them just when and just as much at a time as He wills.
It is saying an eternal “yes” to God.
And eternal “No” to self.
“Lord, what will thou have me to do?
Where will Thou have me to go?”
Having definitely relinquished all claims,
I deliberately turn my back on everything.
Thus I renounce all that I am and have.
It’s no longer mine but God’s.
Henceforth, He has the absolute right to do what He likes with it, and if at any time He should call upon me to literally forsake what I have renounced, I must not even murmur or complain.
Discipleship demands renunciation.
He must be Lord of all, or not Lord at all.

This looks very spiritual and innocent but if you settle down to read it again in today’s context, to an unspiritual person, it is particularly ridiculous, embarrassing and provocative. Why will a fellow student who had not gotten his ‘bearing’ ask a girl to sign such a document? Basically, he was telling her that whatever God says was final and of course he would be the one to hear from God. This was an act very much subject to abuse. He asked her to make her decision and if she was still ready to go ahead. He said this to an ‘18’ year old girl. Nonsense, you would say, but not Florence, she signed that piece of paper. After graduation, David got a job with an architectural firm and later with the Ministry of Works and Housing in Kwara State. Around that time, he received what he celebrated as the ‘Mandate’ which according to him was for him to liberate the ‘whole world’. He resigned his job and his elder brother worried about him asked how he was going to earn an income to feed. He said he would start with ‘writing tracts’. This statement offended his brother who asked him to ‘Get Out’.

The first person he told about his vision was Florence. She accepted it and joined him 8 days later for the first meeting of this new ministry. Along the line, most of the 70 people who started with them left. How wouldn’t they leave when this guy who could not hold a simple job kept talking about how their ministry will go ‘worldwide’? He said they would be flying in private jets to preach, they would establish a world standard printing press, they would build a 50,000 capacity tent (at this time, Reinhard Bonnke was in the process of building a 34,000 capacity tent while Idahosa had just successfully built a 4,000 capacity church). His dreams were taller than him and offensive to some of those among his small group of supporters. By the next year, he told her the name of the Church would be ‘Living Faith World Outreach Centre’, he also impressed on her the need to change her name from Florence and she soon changed her name to ‘Faith’. In March 1982, he shared with her how he had received the solution to poverty. He said God revealed to him the key to prosperity.

In August 1982, after receiving the list of things to bring for the traditional marriage, he rejected a number of things on the list as they were against his Christian belief. He was not going to indulge his ‘wife to be’ if only for a day. In all this, Faith kept the faith and remained with David. Wedding day came and David was unable to pay for a room in a hotel on the wedding eve; instead he slept in the Volkswagen that he had managed to buy while still working. All the red flags were there but she went ahead and married him. Close friends were worried. The new couple seemed to be getting worse especially after their marriage and when they started to operate Church. They were living in Kwara but he said God had asked them to move to Kaduna. He drove to Kaduna in his beetle every Saturday and returned on Mondays to share with her very excitedly how ‘explosive’ the service was.

One day she decided to see for herself and did the long trip to Kaduna. There were about 21 people in Church that day and when they had finished a session of singing, praying and sharing, she asked when the ‘real’ service would start, he told her service had just ended. She was shocked. Money was also not coming in, he had asked her to resign her job to join him in serving Full time in ministry. Both of them were now ‘jobless’ without any income. Faith Oyedepo was getting really concerned and her feelings were disturbed but she held on to her husband’s assurances to her from the Bible. He had promised her honeymoon after the wedding but he kept postponing until he finally asked her to choose between one week honeymoon and a lifetime with him. That’s how the dream of honeymoon, whether local or foreign ended. To add to this, a few days after the wedding, Faith was already pregnant but as the day of delivery drew closer, Brother David had become an absentee husband. On one of the days he came home briefly, she complained of miscarriage as she had noticed unusual heavy blood flow. David sat in his chair hungry and shouted ‘No, it cannot happen; can I have my food please’? How insensitive and unromantic? He ate his food and was on his way again.

A few days to her delivery date, she was rushed to the hospital as her cramps had become very severe. The Doctor said the baby had shifted to an abnormal position. On his way to another preaching engagement, he passed through the hospital and after listening to her, he prayed and said ‘Child turn’ and was on his way again. A friend helped him take his wife to hospital for delivery as he had gone to minister. That was how his first son, David was born. David was not born with a silver spoon. Income was still not regular for his parents. Meanwhile, Pastor David had vowed that he was never going to borrow or ask anyone for money. For days, he would go hungry with his wife and many times he converted the hunger to a fast. It was however worse for Faith Oyedepo as it was unhealthy for her as a nursing mother to go without food. It soon got to its peak and one day after taking water for about two days, a member of the Church brought ‘Cerelac baby food’ for the baby. The family of three shared the baby food with relish until respite came on the third day. Faith Oyedepo remembered the document she had signed 7 years previously and for funny reasons made up her mind to continue.
Serious Christians and concerned friends soon began to visit them ‘Is this how you are going to live forever, look at where you used to be before you joined the Ministry. Why doesn’t at least one person work while the other person serves God? They asked. These friends after failing to persuade Brother David, formed a prayer group of concerned brethren and began to pray. Very soon, she was pregnant again. In that state, they travelled for holidays to the Village at Omu-Aran in Kwara and on getting home, he was informed of his nephew that literally had run mad. Nobody could calm the boy down. On seeing Pastor David however, he calmed down; but then David Oyedepo did the unthinkable. To further demonstrate that the boy was healed, he asked them to put him in the beetle. Ordinarily there was no problem with that except that his wife, Mrs Faith Oyedepo was in the car and heavily pregnant. Who keeps a mental patient in the back seat of his car where his pregnant wife is sitting? She was horrified to say the least at this action but it is apt to say she was the vintage small girl with a ‘Big God’. She stayed put.

Was it the announcement of the Bible School without a plan, the announcement to her that he had given the only car they had as a sacrifice for missionary work or the fact that he decided to start tithing the income of the Church when they finally began to grow? Or was it his refusal to collect salaries any longer or his movement to Lagos after Kaduna had started doing well? Was it his refusal to rest and go on preaching while coughing blood? Was it her submission of her salary to him every month? Is it her addressing him as ‘sir’ and as her boss in the office? Faith Oyedepo remained as constant as the Northern Star and solidly supportive of her husband. A multi-millionaire who insists on cooking for her husband till today. A woman who brought up sons and daughters that are burning for the Lord today, who taught her children how best to handle money, to Give Some, Keep Some, Save Some and Spend some?

In all this however, nothing was quite as difficult as the incident of 2004 down to 2006 when her body was subjected to the kind of torture and sickness she had never known in her life and which diagnosis has till today failed the best of British and American hospitals. The devil came after Faith Oyedepo to kill the vision known as the ‘Liberation Mandate’. Finally, Mummy Faith could no longer travel for the work of the ministry, finally she would visibly groan in pain during Church services, finally a microphone dropped from her hand while about to minister during the service and finally, bedridden, she eventually changed position to a foreign hospital. It got so bad that after prayers from senior colleagues to her husband in the ministry seemed not to be working, her husband, Bishop Oyedepo told God. ‘whether you heal her or not does not change the fact that you are God’. All hell broke loose and Mummy Faith went through a life-threatening torture meant to take her life. Once in an American hospital, she woke up on her sick bed and saw that her husband who was supposed to be in Nigeria had flown in quietly, left her asleep and while kneeling by her legs was crying ‘Lord heal her and prove that you sent me’’- She got healed miraculously. Her journey through the shadow of death which lasted 27 months continued until her limbs eventually failed her, tabloids were awash with news of her paralysis as well as some extreme ones who even claimed she was dead.

After about three years, she was miraculously healed only to experience another event seldom ever mentioned but designed for the devil to have another go at her. She had tripped and fallen and the doctors had mistakenly fixed the wrong braces on her legs, left on right and right on left. It took the grace of God and the watchful eyes of a student doctor to realise after 6 months that the braces had been placed on the wrong legs. Very soon and up till today, Mummy Faith Oyedepo uses both legs. Time and space fails one to tell about many other stories and experiences too numerous to mention about this ‘Eagle Mother’ whose fiercesomeness once on the stage bellies her mild look.


Today, at 60 years, she is an epitome of dedication, purity, commitment and focus. Some have jokingly called her ‘the only woman Bishop Oyedepo can marry’. While the Bishop jokes that even if he had married the devil, the devil would have been converted, I am of a strong opinion that very few ladies would have successfully handled the untold pressure and toughness she had to bear while being ‘Pastor Mrs Faith Abiola Oyedepo’ the Matriarch of the Oyedepo Family. These among many others are some of the reasons WHY WE CELEBRATE MUMMY FAITH.

Written By Leke Beecroft


There is something bigger than listening to a sermon or reading the bible daily.

A pastors message might be good but not your word for the season.

A bible passage might very inspiring and a very good confession but it might not be your word for that season.

The main thing is this.
Ensure you get a personal word from God for each day and before you do anything.

This word might come in form of light from a scripture or a statement from a pastor or even a direct word from a pastor.

Don’t take any step until you have that personal word.

This word is not just what you recites.

It jumps at you.
Your spirit man leaps when you read it.

It’s as if it Is talking to you directly.
It is so real to you.
You see your name on it.

What you read from bible is logos
What becomes your personal word for that season is your Rhema.

When I was going into full time ministry, I knew I was called,
But I had no direction.

one day as I was studying the book of Luke, a verse jumped at me, I started screaming, I was so excited, I now know what to do, that verse was talking to me directly, I saw myself in that verse, it’s as if God wrote the verse as a letter to me. That is my Rhema for that season.

Same thing happened when I was confused about when to get married, I saw the wedding date from a scripture. It’s so sweet and real

It is called your RHEMA..

I hope this help someone

I see a burning generation.



Your freedom to work and talk is a right in your country.
Everyone knows it is. But, an hoodlum or militant can stop you from doing it irregardless of the fact that it’s your right.
You can shout and even read the constitution to a theif, telling him that ARMED ROBBERY is against the law. You would get slapped or even shot if you can’t defend yourself at that moment.
But, if a soldier or a policeman is there. He can enforce that LAW, and makes sure it stands.
Unfortunately, this is what happens to many Christians today.
When the devil challneges us, we boast of what we know in Christ and keep decreeing the law of the kingdom.
We keep talking about our rights. We are sons of GOD. We are heirs of promise. We keep talking of things that are meant to happen.
Don’t we know that the devil is also meant to attack us. Is that not why he is Satan.
We forget the fact that the devil is a law breaker and a thief.
No matter how right we are, we still need Authority and Power to enforce what should be.
Very good… We have received the HOLY SPIRIT, we have the power residing in us. But, most importantly, many of us haven’t ascended in Authority.
So, the devil challenges us and disgraces us despite the deep revelations we have about GOD.
What can GOD Do? He told us to keep feeding ourselves with his WORD and invest in prayers and seek more understanding of HIS WORD so we can rise in authority.
Yet, we refused by obeying half. We sought and hungered for deep revelations of the WORD OF GOD so we could blow the minds of people.
Now, we cry when we are attacked and despite what we know, we are still defeated.
Brothers… Sisters… Man of GOD and woman of GOD.
Stop deceiving yourself, thinking that, because you can explain the pre-adamite era and you can bring me into the revelation of speaking in tongues, you would survive the attack of the Kingdom of Darkness when the devil’s ready for you.
I know it may be shameful. But, you and your kingdom friends prayed when her family was attacked spiritually.
You fasted when his father was on the sick bed. You spoke in tongues for hours when her business was about to crash.
Nothing significant happened, and you assumed it was meant to be so.
GOD is not a Pastor, neither is he a powerful Angel.
It is us that has reduced him to this.
We have not ascended in Authority.
The only way the devil can permanently stay on the defeated side is when you can back up your WORDS with POWER.




Christians are not Chickens.

We need to get aggressive in the Spirit.
Who is the devil that we should be scared of him?
When did Christians start to fear men who use charms?
When did Believers start to run away from men who are confident of their occultic powers?
When did Christians start to leave firms and organisations because of the sons of darkness that dwell there?
Oh NO!!!
It should never be.
We must wield the power we claim to have.
Enough of being mild with the activities of darkness around us.
It’s time to command what is meant to be.
It’s time to burn whatever charms that may be responsible for our state and that of any of our loved ones.
But, we can’t achieve this, if we are not confident of the WORD.
We can’t do anything, if we cannot stretch in the place of prayer.
We can’t amass any power of we are not willing to sacrifice our pleasures for the Power of GOD.


We want you to pay close attention to this information.
Taking your time to Read is waste of time if you don’t act on it.

The advancement of the Kingdom of Darkness cannot be terminated just because the will of GOD was perpetrated in a season.
It takes the reproductive ability of the witnesses of GOD in a territory to establish the will of GOD for life.
We’ve seen something. The kingdom of Darkness has noticed the heightened efforts of Believers to press into the mysteries of GOD.
They’ve seen the efforts of men and women to bring people into Christ.
They’ve identified the Systems and structures which have been placed to make sure the WORD OF GOD rules and they’ve come up with a strange strategy to make it unfruitful.
They make us ignore the need to pass the baton to the next generation. So, no matter how powerful the revival was, no matter how hot that Fellowship you started was, no matter how much you got people to start coming to church in that season.
If you ignore the people that will continue that work you’ve started.
You’ve wasted your time.
Because, it can take a year to make some results, but it takes only days to destroy it completely.
We are talking to You, cell Leader, we are talking to you, Choir Leader, we are talking to You Prayer Cord, we are talking to you, Christian Media Manager, We are talking to you, Bank Manager.
Who are the people that would keep the fire burning.
University Student! You are about to Graduate, and your class is still on fire. What of the incoming set, what of the juniors that were just admitted. They are sinking and you are olay with that.
You must reproduce the work you have started.



Don’t be deceived. Test Every Spirit. (MOI-Series)


Something’s happened.
The devil no longer makes use of unbelievers or people with questionable spiritual experiences to declare Believers from the Truth.
That Worded brother is the one that would make you believe dancing to secular songs is okay.
That brother in which you speak in tongues together is the one that would condemn you for the sin you committed.
It’s the Sister that you look up to for advice that encourages you to open yourself to that boy you like.
We’ve come to the time; where we can’t rely on anyone, no matter how WORD and Spirit oriented he/she is.
We have to learn how to depend on only the HOLY SPIRIT, not on anybody.
Test every spirit.
The devil has many negative qualities but foolishness is not one of them.