10 TRUTHS about SUCCESS and FAILURE you may not have known

1. No man should dwell on failure, Neither should any man dwell on Success, both have the ability of preventing you from making progress.

2. Christians never Fail, they are successful at winning or learning.

3. A true great man is not someone who has a success story alone, but a track record of Failure.

4. Failure prepares you for a future, Success can’t.

5. People listen to those who Failed then Succeeded, not just those who’ve been successful all through, because they understand Frustration more than anyone.

6. Failure is not when you’re disappointed, but when you let the disappointment determine your strength.

7. Your Success doesn’t necessarily mean you’re greater than those who’ve failed.

8. The preparation of failure depicts a false expectation of success.

9. Failures are landmarks that enlighten a yielding generation

10. The understanding that you’re a Victor makes you a Success all your life.

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Students who forsake GOD?

Do you know that you can read with less stress…. Do you know that it’s possible to read with accuracy and precision Do you know it’s possible to understand what you read without you reading it 3 times…. It’s not gotten by 5 As’ for Success It not gotten just by reading 5 keys to become an Academic Giant It’s gotten through your Relationship with the HOLY SPIRIT… He’s the Spirit of Understanding that will guide you into ALL truth.. Why not develop your Relationship with GOD today? You’ve stopped going to church because you thought it was stealing your time…. You thought doing your devotional every morning was too much stress… Yet you make sure you cook and eat You stopped praying often because you were getting tired, yet you expect the devil to run away from you… Brother/Sister it’s time you held unto GOD and loved him like before… It’s time you prayed in and out of season like hell was a street close by… It’s time you started communing with the HOLY SPIRIT like your breath was held by it… Arise now and Shame the Kingdom of Darkness .. Neglecting GOD is Accepting Labour without Favour…

We have the most powerful FOUNDATION as believers

1 Corinthians 3:11 For other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ.

Beloved what foundation are you standing on in these times…..

The world is getting deeper and deeper in sin, the only way to escape being caught off in the lust of these times, is by the depth of your standing in the WORD OF GOD

Don’t let academic success be the foundation of your life

Don’t let people be the foundation of your achievements in life

Don’t let power be the access to your stability in life…

Let it be the WORD OF GOD Only

Psalms 11:3 If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?

Take this declaration with me, as you shoot into your day

My life is streaming with joy and peace

Am standing on the Rock of CHRIST and I can’t be moved

The glory of GOD is translating me more and more

The Excellency of Christ is evident in me

Therefore Sickness has no place in me

Because the finished world of CHRIST are in perfection in me

My life is wonderful