Happy 8th Anniversary KOINONIA!!!

KOINONIA is weekly apostolic, prophetic, and evangelistic meeting where passionate believers from all over Zaria and parts of Nigeria come to experience an atmosphere of TRUE WORSHIP, the WORD, MIRACLES, and LOVE…where believers experience true intimacy with the Holy Spirit and are empowered to be ambassadors of God’s life and power. It is a convergence of an end-time army of Spirit filled, Kingdom-minded, thoroughly trained believers with a passion to see God’s kingdom come and become agents of National Transformation-taking the value system of the Kingdom to every strata and sector of human existence. The meeting is organized by Eternity Network International (E.N.I), an apostolic ministry committed to replicating the fullness of God’s life on earth.

We celebrate the set man- Apostle Joshua Selman for his great and indelible sacrifice and Investments in this Great Work that has impacted Millions upon Millions all over the world.

We celebrate you sir.

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10 TRUTHS about SUCCESS and FAILURE you may not have known

1. No man should dwell on failure, Neither should any man dwell on Success, both have the ability of preventing you from making progress.

2. Christians never Fail, they are successful at winning or learning.

3. A true great man is not someone who has a success story alone, but a track record of Failure.

4. Failure prepares you for a future, Success can’t.

5. People listen to those who Failed then Succeeded, not just those who’ve been successful all through, because they understand Frustration more than anyone.

6. Failure is not when you’re disappointed, but when you let the disappointment determine your strength.

7. Your Success doesn’t necessarily mean you’re greater than those who’ve failed.

8. The preparation of failure depicts a false expectation of success.

9. Failures are landmarks that enlighten a yielding generation

10. The understanding that you’re a Victor makes you a Success all your life.

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Many at times, we look at some business men who ain’t as spiritual as we are, and we call them fools.

We see some secular artists, and abuse them because they don’t speak in unknown tongues

We see some TV presenters and laugh at them because they don’t give Rhema.

We look at some of our lecturers and pity them because they don’t perform signs and wonders.

We think Anointed Men are only those who stand on the Pulpit.

We’ve been wrong.
Don’t you know those guys in your secondary school who weren’t that brilliant, but tell them to make a sketch of you, and you would be Amazed.

Many people carry GRACES that make them spectacular in the little they do.

Inability to honour this people would rob you of the benefits of the Anointing they carry.

When you see a man, who is skilled in what he does and it receives heavy traffic, Respect HIM.

You don’t have to read the WORD OF GOD before you enjoy certain GRACES.

Honour creates ACCESS into the Anointing.