We want you to pay close attention to this information.
Taking your time to Read is waste of time if you don’t act on it.

The advancement of the Kingdom of Darkness cannot be terminated just because the will of GOD was perpetrated in a season.
It takes the reproductive ability of the witnesses of GOD in a territory to establish the will of GOD for life.
We’ve seen something. The kingdom of Darkness has noticed the heightened efforts of Believers to press into the mysteries of GOD.
They’ve seen the efforts of men and women to bring people into Christ.
They’ve identified the Systems and structures which have been placed to make sure the WORD OF GOD rules and they’ve come up with a strange strategy to make it unfruitful.
They make us ignore the need to pass the baton to the next generation. So, no matter how powerful the revival was, no matter how hot that Fellowship you started was, no matter how much you got people to start coming to church in that season.
If you ignore the people that will continue that work you’ve started.
You’ve wasted your time.
Because, it can take a year to make some results, but it takes only days to destroy it completely.
We are talking to You, cell Leader, we are talking to you, Choir Leader, we are talking to You Prayer Cord, we are talking to you, Christian Media Manager, We are talking to you, Bank Manager.
Who are the people that would keep the fire burning.
University Student! You are about to Graduate, and your class is still on fire. What of the incoming set, what of the juniors that were just admitted. They are sinking and you are olay with that.
You must reproduce the work you have started.