I thought I had a plan for my Life

Many of us nowadays do not have a plan for our lives. And yet we are ignorant of this fact, we force ourselves to believe we have a goal in life. How? We begin to recite the degrees we hope to attain before age 40. We begin to save for that house that we dream to build before we marry. We write down the number and names of countries we hope to visit before we die? Some of us even manage to write some inventions and innovations we hope to produce soonest. Yet we forget 1 solid TRUTH. If we exist just to make sure we advance our world, and accumulate a good name.. And neglect the place of the Author of this WORLD in our lives. We may unfortunately amass so much and end up doomed. Matthew 16:26 For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul? This brings us to the fact that our Vision in life should encompass 2 things. Advancement of the KINGDOM OF GOD and Improving the Life of HIS CREATION So, What do you hope to achieve in Life? .. If it is not blessing the Kingdom of GOD, you can only make an impact that can’t Influence your life after death. Have you stopped obeying the voice of the HOLY SPIRIT in your life because you thought it wasn’t needed. Please, I don’t want you to regret your actions minutes to your death Repent and Align with HIS SPIRIT right now. Remember: The fools and Wise would build houses. The reality of their wealth would be revealed by the Un-Avoidable storm of life.

Which Minister do you claim you are?

1. Dear choir, if you don’t study the Bible, you’re in the music industry, not music ministry. You’ll sing nonsense and call it “gospel” like we do today. You’ll be entertaining instead of ministering… You better choose one of the two. 2. Dear usher, if you don’t study the Bible, you’re a traffic warden or better still, a party protocol. You simply maintain foot traffic in the assembly. 3. Dear Bible study leader, if you don’t study the Bible, you’re an ordinary public speaker, not a minister. You’ll preach rubbish. 4. Dear children department cordinator, if you don’t study the Bible, you’re just a social juvenile worker or betterstill a nanny. 5. Dear drama group member, if you don’t study the Bible, you’re just doing Nollywood, no life! 6. Dear instrumentalist and technical unit member, if you don’t study the Bible, you’re just a D Jay, a very noisy one for that matter. 7. Dear Prophet, if you don’t study the Bible, you’re just a soothsayer. You’ll be predicting Arsenal vs Leicester city, not anything relevant to God’s kingdom on earth. 8. Dear Christian writer, if you don’t study the Bible, you’re just D. O. Fagunwa, Chinua Achebe, or the writer of “Eze goes to school.” You’ll write for fiction, not for the Kingdom. 9. Dear Christian motivational speaker, if you don’t study the Bible, you’re just a psychologist. 10. Dear church members, if you don’t study the Bible, you’ll be mislead by false doctrine and heretic teachings. 11. No matter how anointed you are, if you don’t study the Bible, you’re just a spiritualist, not a spiritual person. Those who preach and teach alone aren’t the only ones called by God to be rich in the Word of faith and sound doctrine. Every child of God is. This is the reason why many are “merely engaged” by churches, but aren’t ”imparted”. This is why much of what some call “service” in God’s household may result in futility. Check well before you call it ministration.


The devil has the ability to try and make you fall but he lacks AUTHORITY.
So he can’t do anything, till you’ve given him the AUTHORITY.

It’s like you are in a tennis court..
As long as you have your hands holding the ball in your net, you’re the winner.

Now, the devil has his hands, and he can’t grab the ball from you, because you have the authority over it.
But, he has his own hands.

It’s when you decide to give him the ball, through your wrong thoughts and wrong actions whether consciously or sub-consciously… Maybe because of a different thing that he showed you, that’s when he becomes your LORD.

So, the ball is in your court.
You decide what happens to you.
Follow GOD no matter the temptation, it always pays.


There’s a disease that’s eating fast into the body of Christ…
It’s called INSTABILITY in a particular Local Assembly…

We have many local assemblies today,

worldwide… The likes of The Redeemed Christian Church of GOD, C.O.Z.A. Winners Chapel, H.I.C.C. and so many others…

So we have Christians that attend this today, and attend another next week, then a powerful Programme is organized in another one, they go there, one minister comes the upcoming week into an entirely different one… They jump there…
And they have serious reasons for their actions…
This write-up is not aimed in any way to castigate them…
But, to establish a Balance..
The Bible says:

Hebrews 13:7 Remember them which have the rule over you, who have spoken unto you the word of God: whose faith follow, considering the end of their conversation.

Meaning, our pastors speak the WORD OD GOD to us….and we should follow their faith provided the end of their conversation is validated by the identity and signatures! of JESUS CHRIST… The author and fini……faith…
That means we shouldn’t follow blindly

13:9 Be not carried about with divers and strange doctrines. For it is a good thing that the heart be established with grace; not with meats, which have not profited them that have been occupied therein.

This means that… Doctrines are capable of acting as transport mediums in the realm of the spirit,
It also tells us that….not all meats are good or necessary for consumption….

It establishes the importance of direction in the Christian faith


Each local assembly is a cover on its own for it’s members, you are meant to have a specific man of GOD you follow, and some few others you listen to….not every fire pastor that evolves…

Because, you can only be bred by consistency in a place….

Doctrines are like portals that move us into dimensions of the spirit…

So, by the time you start to move from one doctrine to another, It’s like you’re moving into different starting points that wove in different manners and techniques…
It like going to a bus stop and entering different vehicles one after the other…

Never letting one take you to your destination…

I know you love GOD but sit down somewhere and learn with consistency and Direction.

It pays to be sober in the Spirit…


Stop asking for Excellence!!

Good morning Great Generals of GOD

We have the HOLY SPIRIT in us, that’s the Spirit of Excellence….
Hence, there’s no need to ask for the Spirit of Excellence again.
What we should desire, is the grace to manifest it freely without difficulty.
Grace to release it to function….

That’s what we need, a refreshening of it…

So get out today, and manifest the Spirit of Excellence you have in you…

Command your day and Influence your WORLD


Don’t underestimate the place of a RESOLUTION

Many a times, we tend to undermine the need to make Resolutions at the beginning of chapters of stages of our life.

Beginning of the year, of months, when you enter a new environment, whenever something new is introduced to you….

When we fail to construct our desired achievements for a specific period of our life…. There’s a big probability that you’ll walk uncircumspectly..

Proverbs 29:18 Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.

This verse alone establishes the need to plan ahead of time.

So, draw out your plan for this new month, and don’t stop there. Take conscious efforts to make it a reality.

And never forget….

Without the HOLY SPIRIT, you can’t have good success…. You need to depend on HIM, if you’ll be great in this life.

Happy New Month

Using your Passion to constantly Serve GOD

We have so many secular artists today who started at Church from the Choir. We saw a consistency in them trying to break out to fulfill what they called ‘TRUE CREATIVITY” There’s an ignorance that’s spreading among believers today,…. We fail to remember that, ONLY A CREATOR HAS THE ABILITY TO BRING THE BEST OUT OF HIS CREATION… Therefore, I will say this to all upcoming artists, it’s pure wisdom to remain in the shadow of GOD’S covering, there’s nothing the devil will give you that will out match your potentials in GOD. The video uploaded above is a Short Rap by a Gospel Rapper, “Don Psy” by name whom I have known my self for a long period of time…. His dedication to GOD is un-wavering and HE has a strange force that’s launching him out unto GREATNESS…. Why? HE’S abiding under the shadow of the ALMIGHTY…. And whoever thinks praising GOD through rapping is a sin, should take a careful study of the Bible once again and over again. Listen and be blessed.

Don’t ever wait till then!

Imagine if Christ has waited for you to love HIM truly, before HE gave you un-ending grace….? You wouldn’t get saved.

Imagine Christ waited for you to obey HIM completely, before HE protects you in your sleep?.. you would have been dead.

Imagine Christ waited for you to pledge total allegiance to HIM, before HE secured your full admission into that institution? You wouldn’t be an undergraduate talk less of graduating…

We could list thousands of similar situations…

It’s the same thing to constantly wait for a supernatural event or confirmation before you preach the gospel about Christ who saved you.

It’s the same thing you are doing, when you wait for a big income or gift before you pay your tithes, or sow into that Church.

Are you a modern Thomas, that doubts till a physical evidence of GOD’S TRUTH is seen…

Get out of that ignorance and seek and obey GOD like never before.

HE will strengthen you as HE has ever done to me.

Stay Blessed in HIS LOVE…

Stay on the Right Path..

Psalms 119:105 Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.

This verse exposes us to the understanding that the WORD OF GOD both written and spoken has the ability to illuminate paths before us.

Yet, with that understanding, it’s still possible to stray away into the trap of the enemy.

Knowledge about GOD and HIS ways, won’t make you great in life, your response to that KNOWLEDGE is what determines who you’ll be.

How are you responding to the Voice of GOD today?

The fact that you hear the voice of GOD doesn’t mean you’re in line with HIM..

It takes foolishness to follow a path you Don’t understand….

Good morning…..

Stay blessed.