Please read this, and take everything written here seriously…

For some past weeks and till now.
The devil has been attacking the families of believers, especially ones who are actively working for the kingdom.
If you’ve noticed this…
Not the guy or lady exactly, but his/her father or mother.

Mothers have been dying….
Fathers have been dying….
Some are about to die, they are on the sick bed now.

The devil has found that, he may not be able to stop you and me from advancing the kingdom, but he can weaken you by touching the life of one of your loved ones.


No matter how busy you are for the Kingdom,
I want you to separate, an hour a day to pray for your parents and your family members.

The devil is a fool. Don’t make him laugh over your life nor that of your family.

I know you love GOD, I know GOD’S HAND is over your life, I know you’re Anointed.

But, Please…take this step further and BARRICADE your FAMILY against the SPIRIT OF SICKNESS AND DEATH.

And follow the campaign which has started with the hashtag “#Myfamilyiscovered”

You can always open up our Facebook page or Instagram channel @StartNOW channel to get info so you can broadcast…

Protect the family of a believer you know today.



The Antidote to Shame


As Sandra entered into the class, all the students burst into laughter. She was getting
frustrated at how she was treated by her peers.
Even the teachers in her school couldn’t help but laugh at the way she walked. It wasn’t
as if she had a congenital disorder or she had an accident that twisted her waist. But, she had
developed a habit of walking as if someone was dragging her from the side and from her legs.
One night, Sandra sat down and wrote down what she’ll say to whoever laughed at her
again. The next morning, she was embarrassed unexpectedly at the gate of her school by her
juniors who were just staring at her as she walked.
It was becoming too loud on her ego, and she had begun to lose confidence when speaking
in class…
What’s Sandra going to do now?
This is a very similar situation in which some believers are going through now.
When shame arises it, you are not meant to chase it neither are you meant to focus on
people’s orientation to it.
Shame is never independent on its own, it is always a product of something. It evolves from a
It would be ignorance for you to attack smoke without a plan to put of the fire that provoked
Whatever shame you’re facing in your life is birthed by something that is manifesting in your
life. That is what you’re meant to focus on… Developing yourself not accusing others of
insulting or looking down on you.
We frustrate ourselves at trying to make people respect us, honor us, cherish us, smile with
us and all sorts of things we would like to enjoy. YET, our life is contradicting our wishes. Our
life isn’t in any way speaking what we are saying.
Whatever you desire, develop something that would attract it to yourself, not you chasing it.
So, the Cure to shame is not Anger with the people enhancing it neither is it frustration and
complains, it’s a call to Develop, Strengthen and Beautify your Life.
Sandra’s case would never change till she learns how to walk appropriately. She ignored that and was fighting with the smoke.