Many young people get confused at the junction of choosing a life partner.

The most painful part is that some people who are vibrant for God often times miss it because they don’t understand the concept of the will of God.

I will tell you the truth, you know P.Daniel is very plain, before I got my wife whom I am married to now (o deep), every lady looked like it,

I made mistakes oh haba but thank God for His mercies that saw me through.

Before you look for a man or a woman, ensure you discover your self and know your self,

A man or woman who doesn’t know himself/ herself does not have a business knowing a wife.

Starting a relationship that will lead to marriage is a naming process but until you have successfully named your self don’t ever name a lady a wife.

Purpose discovery is the first phase of destiny fulfilment while marriage is a seal and assurance of destiny fulfilment.

You can’t skip the first phase and want to arrive at the last phase, you will only succeed in frustrating your spouse for life.

Before God gave Adam a wife, He gave him a garden, have you discovered your garden?

When you discover your garden and nurture it, then you will be qualified for a wife, that is why they call a man groom(nurture, grow, develop, beautify)

A lady must also discover herself, because you are not meant for all gardens, you are called help meet ( suitable, adaptable, complimentary)

Your help is not needed every where,
there are particular gardens that you are meant to help in,

if you are meant to be in a hibiscus garden but you are found in a rose garden,
you will be frustrated because you are not suitable, adaptable and complimentary, you are not needed there, you will only be managed.

Ladies before you pray for a man, find your self, know your self,

know the garden where you are needed, discover the kind of garden where your help will meet(bible English (Help Meet)

Marriage is 100% purpose but intimacy and companionship are a process of purpose.

If you marry because your body is doing giz giz and you want to have sex , ahahhaha after marriage you will know that sex is sweet oh but there is something more than sex. It is called fulfilment

For me, I find it difficult to identify my wife, but I was so sure what she is not.

I was so sure what kind of garden I have, so I know the kind of help my garden will not need.

I tried a few relationships (you know I will say the truth), I ran out, not because they are bad, infact they are very good, beautiful, anointed but they are not the help my garden needed, they are good for another garden, I am not the best groom their lives needed.

Don’t forget this, when searching, everyone looks like it. So you need the help of the Holy Ghost.


I had dreams, revelations about some of those former relationships oh, but something was not just adding up. IT IS MORE THAN DREAMS OH.

SOMEBODY WILL SAY I HAVE PEACE IN MY MIND, OR GOD CHANGE OUR GENOTYPE ahahhaha bros, don’t be deceived, it is more than peace, you can have peace and confidence in flesh and her big ……. Or nice shape (let me not say carnal things)
Beyond peace and signs, is your garden her garden, did she even know her garden?

I will continue part 2 later

I hope this help someone

I see a burning generation


The devil has the ability to try and make you fall but he lacks AUTHORITY.
So he can’t do anything, till you’ve given him the AUTHORITY.

It’s like you are in a tennis court..
As long as you have your hands holding the ball in your net, you’re the winner.

Now, the devil has his hands, and he can’t grab the ball from you, because you have the authority over it.
But, he has his own hands.

It’s when you decide to give him the ball, through your wrong thoughts and wrong actions whether consciously or sub-consciously… Maybe because of a different thing that he showed you, that’s when he becomes your LORD.

So, the ball is in your court.
You decide what happens to you.
Follow GOD no matter the temptation, it always pays.

Man tries to heal mad man and gets beaten up

A young Believer approached a mad man with clear intentions on performing a miracle, after some level of attempt… He was pinned down by the mad man, and was rescued by nearby witnesses from the grip of the mad man…. Watch videos

This is what happens when we don’t spend time with GOD to be built…so as to manifest the Power of GOD.

Promixity with GOD is not proportional to getting the results you are expected to manifest.
Prayer won’t give you the power you need….. It comes from Studying and Understanding the WORD OF GOD…

So if you ain’t studying and PRAYING…

You are not a true Christian as you claim to be…

Why you shouldn’t judge anyone anyhow…

Have you watched the video!!! It’s a powerful illustration based on why we shouldn’t jump at false conclusions… That’s also a reason why we shouldn’t accuse our Leaders anyhow…. You don’t have a clear idea of what they are facing presently…. The worst you can do is to pray for them….if you think you have complaints. Always look for reasons to compliment people!! Be careful of the words you use to describe people, they do a lot of good or damage…. Let’s change our approach to our relationship with people… #refresheninglove

In-Complete Armours

Ephesians 6:11 Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.

6:13 Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

*An Incomplete Armour*
It’s only when you put on the WHOLE armour of GOD, that you would be able to STAND the WHILES of the devil.

In these TRUTH, hides the mystery of the downfall of many Believers.

We have Innocent Christians who would stand for the TRUTH no matter what, but they are faulty in using the shield of faith, hence many suffer and some die un-necessarily..

We also have some people who are so skillful with the Sword of the Spirit In attacks and yet they lack the shield of faith ..
These people know how to wage war with demons in territories and conquer at times, but a case of unexpected attack throws them out, and leaves many wounded.

We can continue listing Inefficiencies of Believers who wear u
In-complete armours into the camp of the enemy.

Brethren, if we are going to be the overcomers Christ calls us, we need not have only the COMPLETE ARMOUR, but we should be skillful,
How? Spending time with the owner and Fighter of all battles, Balancing every part of our armour.

*Do you want to be that skillful fighter?*
*Spend time in true study and practice of the WORD?*