We have pistle guns and we have Ak 47s’….
Both are guns but have different firing techniques and different destructive effects…

We have missiles and nukes….
Both are substances of nuclear destruction…
But cause different levels of disasters..

So, the devil has been shooting you with a pistle and you’ve been dodging it and you’ve assumed you’re already an established fighter….

Until, he shot you with a more destructive weapon or should I call it a weapon of Maas destruction….

Only then do you realise you were not as fully defensive as you were meant to….

Brethren, this is not the time to relax spiritually….

There’s an heavy war going on… The body of Christ is under serious attack…

Till you recognise the role you are meant to play in advancing the kingdom of GOD…

You’re not the Kingdom GENERAL or even soldier you claim to be….

Get more crazy for GOD….

Only radical people get radical results…


Pastor pours rat poison into mouth of members telling them to exercise the WORD, leaving 5 dead

According to Popular UK Website Unilad, A priest tried to prove his congregation were ‘immortal’ by feeding them rat poison and – as you can imagine – it went as badly as you’d expect.
Priest Light Monyeki from Soshanguve, South Africa, took it upon himself to prove his followers were both ‘superhuman’ and ‘immortal’, with a seriously dangerous stunt.
The priest declared to his congregation they should not fear death, as they will not die, before proceeding to pour bottles of water contaminated with rat poison into their mouths. Unfortunately for them they were more than happy to oblige.

He said:
We do not need to proclaim faith because we are believers. Death has no power over us.
Horrifyingly, many of his followers ran forward to take a fatal swig of the lethal stuff in a desperate bid to get closer to God.
The priest first drank the poison fluid before pouring it down the throats of his loyal congregation.

The members of his church started to complain of stomach pains and by the evening, five of them had died.
A further 13 were taken to hospital for the ingestion of the lethal drink, but despite all of this Monyeki allegedly denied responsibility.

Instead he declared:
Too much of any good thing could be bad.
Priest Feeds Congregation Rat Poison To Prove They’re Above Death… They All Die religion fb
Surely he’s not referring to his poison drink as a ‘good thing,’. There’s a line when it comes to dark humour.
The incident sparked a police investigation, but no arrests were made.

You can’t force members to enjoy a level of faith they don’t have a revelation of yet. And it will be too extreme to make them believe they can do anything because you can do it.

Strengthen yourself as a true believer, the days are evil, what are you still enjoying on expense of JESUS.

the days are evil, don’t wait for the day of trouble before you get serious with JESUS.

In-Complete Armours

Ephesians 6:11 Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.

6:13 Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

*An Incomplete Armour*
It’s only when you put on the WHOLE armour of GOD, that you would be able to STAND the WHILES of the devil.

In these TRUTH, hides the mystery of the downfall of many Believers.

We have Innocent Christians who would stand for the TRUTH no matter what, but they are faulty in using the shield of faith, hence many suffer and some die un-necessarily..

We also have some people who are so skillful with the Sword of the Spirit In attacks and yet they lack the shield of faith ..
These people know how to wage war with demons in territories and conquer at times, but a case of unexpected attack throws them out, and leaves many wounded.

We can continue listing Inefficiencies of Believers who wear u
In-complete armours into the camp of the enemy.

Brethren, if we are going to be the overcomers Christ calls us, we need not have only the COMPLETE ARMOUR, but we should be skillful,
How? Spending time with the owner and Fighter of all battles, Balancing every part of our armour.

*Do you want to be that skillful fighter?*
*Spend time in true study and practice of the WORD?*