Your freedom to work and talk is a right in your country.
Everyone knows it is. But, an hoodlum or militant can stop you from doing it irregardless of the fact that it’s your right.
You can shout and even read the constitution to a theif, telling him that ARMED ROBBERY is against the law. You would get slapped or even shot if you can’t defend yourself at that moment.
But, if a soldier or a policeman is there. He can enforce that LAW, and makes sure it stands.
Unfortunately, this is what happens to many Christians today.
When the devil challneges us, we boast of what we know in Christ and keep decreeing the law of the kingdom.
We keep talking about our rights. We are sons of GOD. We are heirs of promise. We keep talking of things that are meant to happen.
Don’t we know that the devil is also meant to attack us. Is that not why he is Satan.
We forget the fact that the devil is a law breaker and a thief.
No matter how right we are, we still need Authority and Power to enforce what should be.
Very good… We have received the HOLY SPIRIT, we have the power residing in us. But, most importantly, many of us haven’t ascended in Authority.
So, the devil challenges us and disgraces us despite the deep revelations we have about GOD.
What can GOD Do? He told us to keep feeding ourselves with his WORD and invest in prayers and seek more understanding of HIS WORD so we can rise in authority.
Yet, we refused by obeying half. We sought and hungered for deep revelations of the WORD OF GOD so we could blow the minds of people.
Now, we cry when we are attacked and despite what we know, we are still defeated.
Brothers… Sisters… Man of GOD and woman of GOD.
Stop deceiving yourself, thinking that, because you can explain the pre-adamite era and you can bring me into the revelation of speaking in tongues, you would survive the attack of the Kingdom of Darkness when the devil’s ready for you.
I know it may be shameful. But, you and your kingdom friends prayed when her family was attacked spiritually.
You fasted when his father was on the sick bed. You spoke in tongues for hours when her business was about to crash.
Nothing significant happened, and you assumed it was meant to be so.
GOD is not a Pastor, neither is he a powerful Angel.
It is us that has reduced him to this.
We have not ascended in Authority.
The only way the devil can permanently stay on the defeated side is when you can back up your WORDS with POWER.





Many at times, we look at some business men who ain’t as spiritual as we are, and we call them fools.

We see some secular artists, and abuse them because they don’t speak in unknown tongues

We see some TV presenters and laugh at them because they don’t give Rhema.

We look at some of our lecturers and pity them because they don’t perform signs and wonders.

We think Anointed Men are only those who stand on the Pulpit.

We’ve been wrong.
Don’t you know those guys in your secondary school who weren’t that brilliant, but tell them to make a sketch of you, and you would be Amazed.

Many people carry GRACES that make them spectacular in the little they do.

Inability to honour this people would rob you of the benefits of the Anointing they carry.

When you see a man, who is skilled in what he does and it receives heavy traffic, Respect HIM.

You don’t have to read the WORD OF GOD before you enjoy certain GRACES.

Honour creates ACCESS into the Anointing.