A Love Letter to My Dear HOLY SPIRIT

My LOVE….My KING The one who took me by the hand and winked. The one who restored my smiles and gave me peace. I love you from the depth of my heart till my last. The store house of my breath The well that caters for my thirst You’ve raised me above my cares How can I neglect you…My Dear. Kiss me with the kisses of your lips Fondle me with romance under your wings Let my life express your intimacy Let your TRUTH frame my reality You made darkness a fiction in my life You drew me so close, sickness missed my path The only thing I regret was the years I left you neglected My LOVE… My Prince.. My HEART craves for your GAIN I thought I knew you, till I found you I thought I heard you, till I saw you I thought I loved you, till I knew you You are more than a NAME… You are my SAVING GRACE