Success can trim up your Expectations

There was a man who desired a 500,000 karats gold. He was told to visit an abandoned gold mine. Due to his desperation, he used his life savings to transport himself to the location.
On getting there, he found out that he had to do the digging by himself.
His desperation to be rich made him start digging immediately.
He began to dig, and within an hour, he came across gold that weighed 8,000 karats. He began to wonder… He wasn’t told anything about this gold.
He left it and kept digging… Until after another 2 hours did he finally come across another gold, that weighed 50,000 karats.
He abandoned this and kept on digging. 3 hours had passed now and he didn’t see anymore gold.
Confused and Tired, he managed to keep digging till he came across 150,000 gold
Amazed by his discovery, he continued to dig with the understanding of how rich he was already.
5 hours passed, 6 hours passed till he came across another gold worth 10,000 karats.
Confused and disappointed, He expected the gold he found next to be more valuable.
Nevertheless, he continued till he came across another gold- 60,000 karats an hour later.
Dejected… He said he would stop since he has tried.
At least he had gotten, 278,000 karats gold.
Little did he know that the 500,000 karats gold, he was promised were metres away from him.

Unfortunately, this young man went home with 278,000 karats of gold.

I know someone reading this would say “WOW, 278,000 karats of gold is enough”
You can’t say this, without a knowledge of the standard of living of his city.

This man is exactly like many of us today.

The HOLY SPIRIT promises us something and we align with HIM so we wouldn’t lose out of it.
We pay the price and work with HIM, we thought we were going to get it once. Then, we begin to come across some breakthroughs, some rhemas, some miracles. Until we reach a level we thought we could never reach, but that was not in anyway what was planned for us.

Learn this!
No matter, how good you become in anything you do. If it’s not the level GOD planned for you, it’s not good enough.

Don’t stop, Go deeper.


Author: victoroluwasola

A young man inspired by the HOLY SPIRIT to reveal pointers of the last moments to the WORLD, and to sensitize the world on the imminent signs of the end of the world.

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