As I lay still on my bed this morning meditating on the move of God in the past generations, my heart sank. Just like yesterday, I was in primary school when I heard the news of Idahosa’s departure, a man who heard his pastor preach about the possibilities in Jesus, without much revelation, without much sophistication or eloquence of speech, just FAITH, he started looking for a house where someone had died, and eventually he found one, and the revival began!
Not too long from then, fathers began to leave one after another, Papa Hagain left the scene, T.L Osborn left, Myles Munroe the great light on the island of Bahamas gave way suddenly, our great evangelist who saw the revelation of Africa covered with blood, the man who delved in with the evangelistic power of God into the then “dark” continent, seeking to know nothing amongst us but Jesus and him alone, recently Papa Bonke also conducted his farewell crusade in Nigeria, he tagged it “passing the torch”. No generation has witnessed the exit of generals like our generation, we boast in our small minds to do far better than the fathers because to us we feel we know better than them, our arrogance and stretched forth necks has blocked our eyes from seeing what we should learn from them, we rather see what we can do better than them. Like the old nation of Israel, we have crucified the prophets of the land, most of this men we celebrate today were constantly nailed with words in their dispensation. Let us go back and trace the path where the fathers walked, let’s find the waters they drank and be healed. We have witnessed great men leave, but scarcely have we experienced an Elisha coming in the spirit of a departed Elijah. While we take time to abuse men like papa Adeboye today, men like Oyedepo, Oyakhilome, we can sit down and watch their path, if not we will come into a time where the move of the spirit will still be on, but the time of generals who walked in the integrity of God may only be what we read in books. While we make boastful assertions about the things we can do, let’s not forget, there is no revival without historical base. We are founded upon the foundations of the apostles and Prophets, and Jesus himself as our chief corner stone. I hope when our children want to see men of God in their time, we will not have to refer them only to books, the same way we only hear of some creatures that has gone into extinction.

©Pastor Femi Lazarus

Author: victoroluwasola

A young man inspired by the HOLY SPIRIT to reveal pointers of the last moments to the WORLD, and to sensitize the world on the imminent signs of the end of the world.


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