Are you an Activity winner or a Soul Winner

Yes…. I finally got him to come to start reading devotionals…!!

Yes… Frederick now comes to my church on Sunday….!!

Can you believe it?
Amaka has decided to become a church worker!

After all my pain and efforts,
Gideon follows me to fellowship now…

Bro… Sister. Calm down and ask yourself….
Are you truly a soul winner as you call yourself.

Are your efforts truly advancing the Kingdom of GOD or publicizing your church.

Are you getting people focused on activities rather than cultivating a relationship?

Yes! They speak in tongues now, but they don’t understand the LOVE OF GOD!

Activities without understanding is Religion…

Ask yourself… What have you been doing all these while.

Getting Bringing people into the work force of the Kingdom or initiating people into the Life of GOD…



Author: victoroluwasola

A young man inspired by the HOLY SPIRIT to reveal pointers of the last moments to the WORLD, and to sensitize the world on the imminent signs of the end of the world.

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