Are you also Quack?

How many of us have heard about those kind of doctors who don’t even know how to diagnose simple illnesses such as malaria?

Or You’ve heard about the Accountants who are finding it hard to type 500 words in 5 minutes?

Its like they don’t even know who they are…
Or like a farmer who doesn’t know how to hold his cutlass appropriately….

They are exactly like Christians who don’t know how to preach the gospel….

Christians who think Going out of their comfort zones for the sake of Lost souls is Too much….

Don’t you get it?
We were not called out of darkness just to do our morning devotions and to attend church services on Sundays… But, so we could live as witnesses of GOD who will advance the Kingdom of GOD no matter what the world claims.

So, it is an unfortunate situation for any believer who is being begged to preach the gospel…

Or one who doesn’t know how to speak to his/her friends about Christ… talk less of his enemies…

Then you’re not a Christian as you think you are…

A Christian who says HE IS LIKE CHRIST* but can’t do the works of Christ doesn’t even understand the reason of HIS EXISTENCE…

What are you waiting for…

Get out of your comfort zones… And begin to talk to people about that man that died for the world…
Begin to show love to people who are feeling condemned…
Begin to enlighten people who are feeling downcast about the hope they have in Christ…
Any other thing you’re doing on earth, I repeat… Any other thing you’re doing on earth that doesn’t allow you to advance the kingdom is a step away from your assignment…

It is a Commandment and not an Advice

Mark 16:15 And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to EVERY CREATURE.

Whatever thing you achieve apart from this is a minority compared to the Reason you were saved.

Are you a Quack Christian?


Author: victoroluwasola

A young man inspired by the HOLY SPIRIT to reveal pointers of the last moments to the WORLD, and to sensitize the world on the imminent signs of the end of the world.

3 thoughts on “Are you also Quack?”

  1. Hi Victor,

    We can’t be chickens, turkeys, or buzzards as believers for obvious reasons. Gotta fight being a quack and I hope be more like an eagle, proclaiming the faith, trust, and strength of the Lord.

    In Christ,


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