The flow of the Spirit

When you’re being called to speak to a group of people. There are 2 levels of utterance that are made available to you by the Spirit of GOD.
Any of them can be inhibited if you’re not careful enough. Both are useful but one of them commands a greater level of results.

Let’s say you were called to speak on the Mystery of Faith.
Now, its possible to be stammering as you speak, even with the ready stuffs you have about faith, but you lack the ability to pass it across. This case is absence of utterance the fact that you didn’t prepare well or you ain’t even connected to the reservation of the revelations of JESUS CHRIST concerning faith.

But the 2 levels of Flow, we would be talking on is based on the availability of Utterance already provided.

1. The flow of acquired knowledge and Wisdom.

In this case, you are able to flow based on the revelations you’ve received from the HOLY SPIRIT on previous experiences or from other people even your Pastor. You would be speaking based on the different occurrences you’ve encountered and so many things.. But not really something new from GOD.
You would hear yourself saying, this Pastor said this or He said that. Yes, you’re connected to the Spirit, no doubt. But you’re still in the first level of utterance.
At intervals, you may pick something fresh.
Here, you need to be calm and not speak faster than the inspiration of the HOLY SPIRIT at that moment, because you will have so much to say.

This is good enough, but that’s not Excellent enough to impact lives at the level you’re meant to walk in.
You will need to align with the frequency of the Inspiration of the HOLY SPIRIT. It would increase as time goes by.

2. The Overflow of the Spirit.
Here, you’ve moved from the flow of the things you have on standing,.. to the things stemming from the throne of GOD itself.
Here, you’re speaking the WORD needed at that moment. You will find out that you’re saying so many things you’ve not thought about before. And you will sense this freshness of insight.
In this realm, the HOLY SPIRIT through you would be able to attack the individual problems of the people you’re speaking to. Because, you’re speaking from an eternal well of Grace and Light, not the insights you’ve accumulated previously.

This second level is what the world needs more than ever before.

We Christians have to learn how to speak directly from the throne of GOD. It takes intimacy, it takes partnership with the spirit, it takes Patience, it takes brokenness…
It’s also by reason of use we would be able to master this…


Author: victoroluwasola

A young man inspired by the HOLY SPIRIT to reveal pointers of the last moments to the WORLD, and to sensitize the world on the imminent signs of the end of the world.

2 thoughts on “The flow of the Spirit”

  1. Hi Victor,

    I would like to say Spirit speaker, but I begin to speak and the ideas come. I guess that is a mind speaker? When I also write the words flow and I am amazed at what comes out.



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