He played the drum so well and I danced… That guy is good…. You need to see the Keyboardist, his fingers are fast like lightning…. That lady sang so sweet, that I began to wonder why GOD gave me this voice…. Haaa!! We’ve finally entered into a Dispensation where WORSHIP unto GOD has lost its Potency. You see singers who listen to secular songs that embarass the name of JESUS and yet come on Sundays to lead the children of GOD in Worship… You see drummers that thinking playing the drums for JESUS is 10% percent of what they were gifted to do. You see rappers that feel so incomplete till they’ve added foul words to their lyrics? And we claim Heaven identifies with us when we Worship. You went for choir rehearsal and you spent half of the time liking Instagram pics and changing whatsaap status. You were given a Gospel song to score. You frowned and it and blamed the choir master for hos shallow sense of music. You spend your time following artists that don’t give a damn about JESUS and expect JESUS to identify with the album you just released. That’s not how it works, Mr.Anointed singer… It’s high time we remembered that the instruments of Worship were constructed to accompany us into Worship. Whatever skill you learn without a motive to exalt the name of JESUS is a waste in the orchestra of Heaven. INSTRUMENTS ain’t even the Foundation of our Worship unto GOD. A holy heart and a broken heart is what will attract Heaven to sign in your Worship. Mr.Keyboardist, Every note you strike should resound the praises of GOD in heaven… Mr.Drummer every stroke you play should drum out the praises of GOD in heaven… Mrs.Singer, the melody of your voice without an heart of true Worship is a stench in the presence of GOD. It’s time we cultivated an heart of TRUE WORSHIP before anything else. A Worshipper isn’t one who sings, but one to understands the Art of HIS PRESENCE.

Author: victoroluwasola

A young man inspired by the HOLY SPIRIT to reveal pointers of the last moments to the WORLD, and to sensitize the world on the imminent signs of the end of the world.

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