When you have Mountain Faith, but it’s useless

It’s possible for you to have a pillar that you can hold unto during a storm and still die if you do not make use of it.

That’s the same error befalling many Believers nowadays.
They embrace the fact, that they have the faith and power needed to overcome difficulties and neglect the place of “laying hold on’ that faith.
Money in bank account is useless when it can’t be withdrawn or spent.
A sword which remains in sheath is useless in battle.
The same way our faith is useless when we don’t stand on it in battles of life.

1 Timothy 1:19 Holding faith, and a good conscience; which some having put away concerning faith have made shipwreck:

Another thing is that our faith can suffer shipwreck when it is infected by a seared or dead conscience.

The presence of the HOLY SPIRIT in you, in it’s own won’t guarantee you victory against the devil.
It’s your orientation to the life inside of you that provokes the victory you see all around .
This means you can’t remain disobedient and hardened to the voice of GOD and enjoy the benefits that the voice brings.

If you are really interested in living a life of Faith, soak yourself in the Truth of JESUS and practice HIS LIFE.

Author: victoroluwasola

A young man inspired by the HOLY SPIRIT to reveal pointers of the last moments to the WORLD, and to sensitize the world on the imminent signs of the end of the world.

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