Why do we confess🗣 the WORD and it doesn’t Manifest👐……??




_Let’s look at some reasons here….._
Firstly, what’s the WORD OF GOD?📖
It is the law of the Spirit of LIFE(Roman 8:2) given unto us through the HOLY SPIRIT to redeem us and enrich us unto perfection in Christ JESUS.🙂

The Bible says in Romans 10:10
That confession is made unto Salvation with the mouth.🗣
So we arrive that, we can confess🗣 the WORD OF GOD📖 with our mouth, and it will work👌… Why? The Bible says it.

So why do we confess and we don’t see it manifest.🙁
1. We focus🙇🏻 on the WORD OF GOD📖 without the help of it’s author(2Peter 1:21), who is the HOLY SPIRIT.😮
The WORD OF GOD was given to us, that we may understand it by the leading and guidance of the HOLY SPIRIT😇. The Bible says in John 16:13, that the HOLY SPIRIT would guide us into all TRUTH, who is the TRUTH ,JESUS CHRIST,😇who is the WORD OF GOD.
When we neglect HIM😞 our confessions are void🤞, because HE HIMSELF is the power behind the WORD,🤓 the reason behind the miracles we see.🤔
2. We confess🗣 scriptures and our actions👋 nullify our words.👎
We forget that our actions authenticate the validity of spoken words.🙃
The WORD OF GOD says Faith without WORKS IS DEAD.😰
This means that, you could get all the faith you want, if you can’t act it out, you’ll remain at the same level.🙁🙁

3. We speak🗣, believe it will come to pass🙂, pray🙏 and act it out,👋 BUT ITS NOT IN LINE WITH THE DIRECTION OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. 😩
That will be fruitlessness.😨

4. Though our confessions are GOD’S WILL😏, we attach a wrong motive to it,😕 and that renders that confession weightless👐

Brethren, when we believe, we open up our heart to faith swimming out of the WORD into our hearts. 😄
If we don’t believe, the Faith will try so much to enter our hearts,😲 but it will be closed to it.😷

Align with the HOLY SPIRIT this moment if you’re apart in any way.🙏🙏. HE is the Spirit of Life provided by the Father to us😃, to comfort us and guide us😉,
Life without HIM is death💀, which isn’t life at all.😕

Stay Blessed.😃😃😃😃

Author: victoroluwasola

A young man inspired by the HOLY SPIRIT to reveal pointers of the last moments to the WORLD, and to sensitize the world on the imminent signs of the end of the world.

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