Have you ever thought of the reason why JESUS CHRIST always said…

I in you, and you in ME…
I with you, and you with ME….
I and my FATHER and you with US…..

Why was HE always saying this?
HIM being in us, Isn’t that enough?
What’s the difference between HIM in us, and us being in HIM?
Isn’t it the same thing?

There are questions that must be asked, the narrow way to perfection is burdened with so many barriers, that can be ignored.
Little do we now, that ignoring these barriers will lead to a measure of ignorance on our part?
Barriers ain’t self orchestrated!
They are to build us up….
Hmmm. The WORD ignorance has a great attachment to people who ignore certain principles of life.
You see, whatever part of the WORD of GOD you ignore, makes you ignorant of GOD Himself.
HE in us and us in HIM!
It’s possible for Christ to be in us, living in us, but never act through us till we begin to live in HIM.
You wonder why we have folks who have Christ in them,but still live in sin.

You see, Living in sin, doesn’t wipe out the fact that you have Christ in you.

Because I can be rich and still die in hunger. I can have the president as my father and decide to go to prison. Will you say it’s my father’s fault… No!

If Christ is in us, and we ignore HIS VOICE, decide not to live by HIM, HE is in us, but we ain’t in HIM, because we are living carnally. And we’ll be as useless, as the unbelievers, just as a rich man is dying in a slum till he makes use of the money HE has.

Till we begin to walk in CHRIST, as we crucify our fleshy pleasures, we wouldn’t enjoy the benefits of Christ in us.
Because the devil doesn’t have to be inside of someone before he manipulates the person.

Judas Iscariot’s heart was manipulated all the while long, till JESUS released HIM to the devil, after giving him the ‘dipped bread’
Verse 27 says, “The devil entered him”
How did he plan all that evil without the devil in him, he had JESUS but JESUS didn’t have him,

Why? His heart didn’t follow JESUS.

Your knowledge of GOD isn’t enough, your understanding of HIM and why you need HIM matters.
The principles behind Knowledge and Understanding is a different subject matter on their own.

Follow the Voice of the Spirit, and not your flesh.
Live by the WORD of GOD and not by the principles of this WORLD.
They won’t guarantee you a perfect end. Only the WORD OF GOD which is JESUS CHRIST does that.
Stay blessed._20170415_201610

Author: victoroluwasola

A young man inspired by the HOLY SPIRIT to reveal pointers of the last moments to the WORLD, and to sensitize the world on the imminent signs of the end of the world.

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